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DatePrimary Topic
January 2016Optimal Health Goals for 2016
November 2015Overactive Bladder and Thanksgiving Food Drive
October 2015Welcome Jamie Kocher- Aging Well with Physical Therapy
August 2015Prenatal Yoga - Achieving Optimal Health - pure barre
July 2015Male Bladder Leakage
May 2015National Women's Health Week
April 2015Bladder Irritants and AmberSky
March 2015Risk Factors for Urinary Leakage
January 2015Stress Free Workouts
December 2014Clogged Milk Duct Treatment
November 2014National Bladder Health Week
October 2014October is National Physical Therapy Month; Meet Jessica 
Sept 2014 Supp.LPT Raises $1355 for Prostate Cancer/ LPT Joins WSMI
September 2014Prostate and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
August 2014Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk
July 2014Fitting IT into Your Life
June 2014Pelvic Organ Prolapse
May 2014Fun Facts about Legacy Physical Therapy & World Continence Week
April 2014 Supp.Pelvic Pain and Physical Therapy; Monday Workouts in May
April 2014Diaphragm/Pelvic Floor Piston & Medical West Incontinence Products
March 2014Endometriosis & Physical Therapy; Chiropractic Car for Breech Babies
February 2014Warning Signs of a Weakened Pelvic Floor
January 2014Getting Active
December 2013Happy Holidays & Achieving Your Goals in 2014
November 2013Break Free from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
October 2013National Physical Therapy Month
September 2013Welcome Karla Wente & IC Awareness Month
Summer 2013Constipation
May 2013Online Events and Resources
April 2013Helpful Bra Fit Facts
March 2013Bladder and Bowel quiz
February 2013Potential Causes and Treatments for Painful Intercourse
January 2013Physical Therapy during Prenatal and Postpartum Times
December 2012Stop the Therapy Cap & Holiday Massage Special
November 2012National Bladder Health Week; Fitting Exercise In
October 2012Exercising Do's & Don'ts; Bladder Health Week Event; Holiday Food Drive
September 2012Prostate & Ovarian Cancer Awareness
August 2012Benefits of Prenatal Yoga & Importance of Breath
June 2012Physical Therapy for Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis
May 2012Postpartum Screening Program & Benefits of Massage
April 2012Fair Copay Bill & Tips to Avoid Pregnancy Low Back Pain
March 2012Scar Tissue Management
February 2012Myths about Bladder Leakage
January 2012Importance of Sleep
December 2011Happy Holidays & Winter Foot Care
November 2011National Bladder Health Week & Thanksgiving Food Drive
October 2011What is Physical Therapy & Plantar Fasciitis
August 2011Diastasis Recti
June/July 2011Avoiding & Treating Common New Mom Injuries
May 2011National Women's Health Week
April 2011Common Breastfeeding Problems
March 2011Pain with Intercourse after Pregnancy
February 2011Core Strengthening for Bladder Control
January 2011Exercising for Two
December 2010Pregnancy Back and Pelvic Pain
November 2010Pelvic Organ Prolapse
October 2010National Physical Therapy Month
September 2010Urinary Incontinence: Not Just for Females
August 2010How to Make the Most out of Your Doctor's Visit
June/July 2010Exciting News at Legacy Physical Therapy
May 2010If the Shoe Fits
April 2010Race for the Cure and Gardening Tips
March 2010Tips to Train your Bladder
February 2010Bothersome Bladders
January 2010Constipation
December 2009Winter Health Tips
November 2009What is Womens Health PT & Clinical Residency
October 2009Breast Health and Physical Therapy for Breast Cancer Patients
September 2009Frozen Shoulder and Massage Therapy
August 2009Chronic Pelvic Pain
July 2009Osteoarthritis
June 2009Walking Fitness & Race for the Cure
May 2009Urinary Incontinence
April 2009Time to Get Active and Sexual Violence Awareness
March 2009Endometriosis and Spring Gardening Tips
February 2009Heart Health Issues
January 2009Changes in woman's body during and after pregnancy