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Bladder Conditions take Center Stage

Now is the time to get informed and to take control of your health. Bladder conditions will be taking center stage on Lifetime TV network and Lifetime Real Women Network this weekend. Bladder Monologues will be airing multiple times this weekend on “Defining Moments.”

Women’s Health Foundation (WHF) and founder, Missy Lavender will be featured on Lifetime Television’s Defining Moments. Also highlighted in the segment are participants of the Foundation’s signature pelvic wellness and education program, Total Control® who were filmed at Galter Life Center in Chicago, IL.
The show focused on three women with bladder control problems and their journeys back to healthy, vibrant lives. The women share their unique “Defining Moment,” when they seek treatment, find community, and overcome the challenges of years of embarrassment and silent struggles. “We are proud to be part of this show which celebrates the possibility of taking control of your bladder and pelvic health,” said Lavender.  “Our part of the show highlights the need for behavioral options such as appropriate exercise, education and physical therapy to help women with bladder control issues,” she added.

For more information check out The Accidental Sisterhood or The Women’s Health Foundation.

You’ll recognize these women from your daily life; they could easily be your neighbor, your sister or YOU! Defining Moments shows us that bladder conditions can affect anyone, regardless of income or race, but those who have reclaimed their lives through treatment often share a common message: “Stop suffering in silence! Seek a solution!”

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