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For Women of All Ages (Part 2): Adolescence

Adolescence is a great time in life to develop good exercise habits. When a girl’s body begins producing the hormone estrogen, which helps trigger sexual development, she may notice an increase in body fat. Getting exercise in 5-7 days of the week with an appropriate diet stocked full of fruits and vegetables is the healthy way for adolescent girls to maintain their weight.

Participation in athletics is a great way for adolescent girls to build self-esteem and stay healthy. Being a female athlete brings with it some specific health concerns. Athletes who train every day with rigorous regimens can lead to amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation). Also, because of their wider hips, females are often at a greater risk of developing knee injuries.

A physical therapist can be a helpful professional during this time of life. We can guide you in setting up an appropriate exercise program and can help if an injury develops.