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Get Your Mind Right


January is a time of year when many people are focussed on health goals.  Many of these goals are focussed on physical attributes and exercise, but let’s not forget the power of getting your mind in the right place.  Not only is this helpful for mental health, but also for improving your body’s response to your fitness routines.

A positive mental space allows you to work 20-30% harder while enjoying the efforts simultaneously. Optimistic people strive for growth and stay consistent in the face of adversity. Both attributes are essential for a successful fitness routine.

Here are a few tips to shift toward a more empowering mindset:

  1. Social influences: Both positive and negative energies are contagious. Choose who you decide to spend your time with wisely.
  2. Reflection: Become in tune with your meaning and purpose. Mentally visualize the highest version of yourself for increased confidence.
  3. Go on a media diet: Our mindset easily shifts towards our mental consumption. Consider removing negative resources for a healthier mental space.
  4. Acceptance: We commonly waste mental energy on things outside our control. Instead, focus your attention only on things you can influence.
  5. Gratitude: You are a unique person with unique gifts and talents. Be grateful for the person you are. The alternative is dissatisfaction, which breeds negative thought patterns.
  6. Exercise: The benefits of exercise on mental health are abundant. Small-group exercises are especially helpful and encourage camaraderie.

If you are dealing with pain, bladder leakage, pelvic organ prolapse or other pelvic health symptoms that are keeping you from achieving your exercise goals, or even from starting your exercise routine, we are here to help.

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