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Have You Ever JIC’d?

Do you go to the bathroom when you don’t need to “ just in case,” hoping you won’t have to when it is inconvenient? Just in Case peeing or JIC’ing can cause havoc for your bladder. By JIC’ing you are actually training your bladder to empty more frequently and often prematurely. This can lead to bladder issues such as urgency, frequency, and leakage.

To break yourself of this habit, before you JIC trying asking yourself “Do I really have the urge to go to the bathroom now or am I going because it is convenient?” If the answer is the latter then do not go to the bathroom. Instead wait until you feel an urge to urinate.

Working with a pelvic physical therapist can be a great way to help you break this bad habit and retrain your bladder if you have already developed symptoms of urgency, frequency, or leakage. Check out  Legacy Physical Therapy for information on how physical therapy can help and call us today for your FREE screening 636-225-3649.