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Relaxing During the Holidays

With the holiday season comes much hustle and bustle. It is very easy to get wrapped up in it all and not take time for yourself. Even when it seems impossible, I recommend taking 5 to 10 minutes of “quiet” time for yourself each day. Trust me it will help keep you focused and refreshed. Below are some suggestions for ways to relax.

  • Deep Breathing: Several times a day focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths in through your nose feeling your belly bulge out a little. Then exhale through your mouth and feel the belly relax back to its normal position.

These next suggestions are best performed in a quiet room with low lighting. Turn off the television, turn of the cell phone. Put on some of your favorite soothing music and light some candles. Don’t worry it is okay to pamper yourself.

  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Feel yourself sinking into the bed or chair and letting your hands and legs get “heavy”.
  • Think about blood flowing into your arms like molasses and warming them or think about an image of you lying in the warm sun.
  • Daydream about places that have been peaceful for you: church, a meadow, lakes, mountains, beaches, etc.

Hopefully these suggestions can help you recharge a little during this hectic time of year. Happy holidays to all!