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We help women who are tired of leaking, dealing with pelvic pain, and wanting to get their body back in shape after baby (even if it’s been 30 years) all without relying on medications or surgery.

Brooke Kalisiak

Owner of Legacy Physical Therapy

Brooke Kalisiak PT, DPT, WCS, is Saint Louis’s leading physical therapist who helps women who are tired of leaking, dealing with pelvic pain, and wanting to get their body back in shape after baby (even if it’s been 30 years) all without relying on medications or surgery.

​She founded Legacy Physical Therapy because she was frustrated with the way women with pelvic health issues were being treated in our healthcare system. Too many women are being told that their pelvic symptoms (ie bladder leakage, pelvic pain, pain with sex, etc) are normal or that there is nothing that they can do except take medication, have surgery, or just live with it. This is far from the truth. Many pelvic health issues are COMMON but NOT NORMAL. It is Brooke’s mission to help people make the best decisions about their pelvic health while creating a positive healing experience.

Brooke is a board certified women’s health physical therapist. She has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Washington University in Saint Louis.
Brooke has received several awards for her academic and volunteer activities:

  • Bob Hickok Merit Scholarship from Washington University Program in Physical Therapy
  • Directors Award for leadership, scholar, and commitment to the profession from Washington University Program in Physical Therapy
  • Lorraine F. Lake Award given to a graduating member of the post-professional curriculum who exhibits commitment to learning and the profession of physical therapy from Washington University Program in Physical Therapy
  • 2012 Section on Women’s Health Volunteer of the Year

She continues to have close ties with the faculty at Washington University’s Program in Physical Therapy, and enjoys helping the next generation of therapists learn the profession by lab assisting, and being a clinical educator.

Brooke is a mother, a scholar, and an athlete. She completed her undergraduate degree at Princeton University in New Jersey, where she played NCAA Division I basketball for four years. For fun she enjoys hiking, reading, Taekwondo, and traveling with her husband and son.

Lauren Critchlow

Pelvic Physical Therapist

Lauren Critchlow PT, DPT, PRPC, WCS exclusively treats both women and men with pelvic floor dysfunction. She has been recognized as an expert in the field of pelvic rehabilitation as she has earned her Pelvic Rehab Practitioner Certification and is a board-certified Women’s Health clinical specialist. Lauren takes a patient-centered approach and is passionate about developing a trusting relationship with each patient. It is important to her that each patient feels validated about his/her condition and empowered to return to a better quality of life. She feels strongly about educating the community about pelvic rehabilitation and regularly speaks at women’s postpartum groups on the subject.

Lauren graduated from Saint Louis University with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. While at SLU, she competed on the women’s cross country and track team receiving division 1 all-conference titles and was awarded the Atlantic 10 Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll. She also received awards for academic performance and graduated with honors.

In 2014, she continued treating primarily orthopedic cases with a strong focus in female lumbopelvic dysfunctions, pregnancy-related back pain and postpartum rehab. She was mentored in Pilates-based spinal stabilization and rehab and functional retraining. She received specialized training in pelvic rehabilitation and pursued extensive continuing education through Herman & Wallace allowing her to treat pelvic pain, bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction related to the pelvic floor.

She lives with her husband and two dogs and enjoys running, hiking, yoga, Pilates, camping, reading and traveling.

Jamie Kocher

Pelvic Physical Therapist and Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness Specialist

Jamie Kocher PT, DPT has over a decade of experience working in the health and fitness industry as a physical therapist and personal trainer.

She believes that women can exercise with confidence during pregnancy and after childbirth. Her goal is to show women of all fitness levels how to safely exercise without living in fear of injury, pelvic floor or abdominal wall issues.

Jamie earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Saint Louis University. She has specialized training in pelvic health physical therapy, pregnancy and postpartum fitness, and coaching the pregnant and postpartum athlete. Her training includes pregnancy, diastasis recti, and pelvic floor safe approaches to exercise.

As a mother, Jamie knows how difficult it can be to prioritize health and fitness. In her free time, she enjoys doing bootcamp style workouts, yoga, running, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with her husband and daughters.

She is excited to be offering pregnancy and postpartum fitness programming at Legacy Physical Therapy. Jamie will be instructing group exercise classes and offering individual training sessions.

Abby Holmes

Pelvic Physical Therapist

Abby Holmes PT, DPT is a pelvic health physical therapist who treats female pelvic floor dysfunction and the pregnant and postpartum population. Abby completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Bachelor’s of Science at the University of Evansville, in Indiana.

Abby enjoys working with women whose goal is to continue exercising during pregnancy and return to exercise postpartum. She believes all women should have the ability to move the way they want without fear of pelvic floor and abdominal issues getting in their way. 

She specializes in treating diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain postpartum, and urinary incontinence. Abby is passionate about pelvic physical therapy being an integral part of a woman’s postpartum journey, regardless of how far postpartum they are. She looks forward to making intentional relationships with her patients and helping them achieve their goals.

In her spare time, Abby loves working out, going for walks with her husband and miniature dachshund Leni, reading, and traveling! 

Manali Andrus

Pelvic Physical Therapist

Manali Andrus PT, DPT is a pelvic health physical therapist that treats women, men and pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction along with treating the pregnancy and post-partum population. She completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and undergraduate degree in Nursing at Augusta University. 

She has completed a variety of course work to best treat the pelvic health population and is dry needle certified. She particularly enjoys treating pelvic pain conditions like endometriosis and interstitial cystitis.

She grew up in Georgia, moved to Arizona, and decided to split the difference between the two coasts to live here in Saint Louis! She lives with her fiancé and two dogs. She enjoys reading, is always on the hunt for the best thai food and spends Saturdays cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs football team.

She believes all people could benefit from seeing a pelvic health physical therapist and hopes to empower each patient to take control of their own healing. She can’t want to meet you! 

Lauren Winely

Pelvic Physical Therapist

Lauren Winely, PT, DPT is a pelvic health physical therapist who is passionate about a wholistic approach with her patients with clinical areas of interest including urinary incontinence, sexual pain and dysfunction, gender affirming care, and chronic pelvic pain. She is committed to helping her patients return to independence and confidence with everyday activities and increasing their quality of life.

She graduated from the University of Evansville with her Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science (‘18) and Doctorate of Physical Therapy (‘20). Lauren is certified in Level 1 Dry Needling and continues in ongoing pelvic floor coursework through Herman and Wallace.

She is originally from Indianapolis and has been living in Evansville, IN until her recent move to St. Louis in the summer of 2022. In her free time, you’ll find Lauren hiking, playing board games, cooking, sitting in a local coffee shop, or playing with her dog Rocky!

Rosie Vogt

Office Manager

Rosie Vogt is a mother, grandmother, wife, and licensed Zumba instructor. Rosie is a customer service veteran with over 15 years of experience in patient services and office management in plastic surgery and opthalmology. Her focus was on taking care of patients and making healthcare practitioners successful by improving office efficiencies without sacrificing patient care. She looks forward to greeting you at Legacy Physical Therapy.

Meli Hasting

Client Care Specialist

Meli is an energetic individual who loves to make others a first priority.  She is a mother, a fitness enthusiast and music lover. With many years in customer service she is excited to make every client at Legacy Physical Therapy feel understood and cared for.

Hannah Harris

Client Care Specialist
A recent graduate from Mizzou, after receiving a bachelors degree in psychology and one in communications Hannah is motivated & vivacious. Happy to meet you with a bubbly smile and a genuine heart. She spends her free time with her long term boyfriend and Boston terrier pup either reading, doing puzzles, golfing, & doing yoga or pilates.

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