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Top 5 Benefits of Working with a Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Specialist

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If you are currently pregnant, postpartum or even years postpartum, you may wonder or have wondered about how to get back into a fitness routine. You may have searched the internet for pregnancy or postpartum exercises to do and it may have confused you even further. 

A helpful source for good guidance would be partnering with a pregnancy and postpartum fitness specialist. This type of specialist is someone in the healthcare and/or fitness industry that has specialized training, beyond their general education, in coaching and training the pregnant or postpartum woman. Oftentimes these professionals are personal trainers or healthcare providers like physical therapists, chiropractors, etc. 

These specialists know how changes in your body during and after pregnancy affect the way a woman exercises. They should also know how to help a woman safely exercise without causing or worsening symptoms including:  

  • Bladder/bowel leakage
  • Pain
  • Pelvic heaviness/pressure
  • Diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation).

Working with a pregnancy and postpartum specialist is really the secret to exercising during and after pregnancy. And here are 5 things they can do for you….

#1 Offer guidance on what type of exercise you should be doing while pregnant or postpartum. 

If you go on google and search “exercises for pregnancy” or “exercises for postpartum,” it can be so confusing. A pregnancy and postpartum fitness specialist can show you what are safe exercises and what exercises you should be doing. 

#2 Help you prepare for birth and give you a head start on postpartum recovery. 

Research has shown that women who exercise at a moderate intensity during pregnancy have better outcomes during labor and delivery and can even improve postpartum healing. A specialist can help design an exercise program to help you gain strength, endurance, and safely move your body to prepare for childbirth and after. 

#3 Eliminate fear. 

There are a lot of exercises you’ll read about NEVER doing during pregnancy and postpartum. Ever read you should NEVER plank, crunch, sit up, twist, lift heavy weights? And even worse that IF you do those exercises, you can make things like diastasis recti, prolapse, and pain worse? Putting absolutes on the type of exercise you cannot do during pregnancy and postpartum can cause fear of exercising for a lot of women. 

A specialist in pregnancy and postpartum exercise can eliminate those fears for you. They can explain to you what your body is capable of doing and what exercises you can be doing. 

#4 Create a program for you so you don’t have to think so hard. 

Let a pregnancy and postpartum fitness specialist do all the work for you! We love taking the guesswork out of fitness programming for women.

A lot of women have no idea where to start and aren’t sure what they should or shouldn’t be doing when it comes to exercising before or after pregnancy. That’s where a specialist can come in, assess your fitness goals, and give you a plan that works for you.  

Our resident post-partum fitness specialist Jamie has also created a unique program called moms made stronger to guide you through safe exercise for pregnancy & post-partum. 

#5 Help you reach your fitness goals faster after baby. 

Are your fitness goals to return to:

  • Running
  • CrossFit
  • Group exercise classes
  • Yoga
  • Barre

If you are wanting to get back into a specific type of exercise, a pregnancy and postpartum fitness specialist can design an exercise program specifically designed for your goals. They can also help guide you on how to get back to those things that you love to do.

Are your goals for general strengthening and conditioning?

They can help you strengthen your body safely and effectively to eliminate or avoid common postpartum conditions

  •  Bladder/bowel leakage
  •  Prolapse
  •  Diastasis Recti

You don’t have to navigate exercises during and after childbirth alone, At Legacy Physical Therapy we offer a program called “Moms Made Stronger” run by our own Pelvic Floor Therapist & Master Trainer Dr.Jamie Kocher. This online fitness community provides guidance through all stages of motherhood.