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Update on My Personal Fitness Challenge

So you may or may not remember, but back in May 2011 I challenged each one of you to up your fitness level. My personal challenge was to train for and run the inaugural St. Louis Rock N Roll Half Marathon. The results are in….

I DID IT!!!!On Sunday October 23, 2011, I completed my first half marathon. I did not end up running it like I originally planned, but instead I walked the whole thing with my mom! We finished in just over 3 hours.
From Left to Right: Brooke Kalisiak, Laura Lockwood, Roger Kalisiak, Matt Kalisiak, Omayra Marrero
In the process of training for the race, my husband, Matt, and I successfully convinced his father, Roger, my mother, Laura, and my best friend, Omayra to come into town and run/walk the half as well. It was fun to have a group there, even though we all finished at different times.I am definitely feeling the effects of the race on my legs and probably still will for the next few days, but for the most part I am doing well post-race.

I would try a half marathon again, but I still have no desire to do a full. Who knows, maybe next year I will try to do the half in a sub – 3 hour time! That might require me doing some running though! In the meantime, I will keep up with my walking and maybe sign up for some shorter distance races!! The main idea is to STAY ACTIVE!!!