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What are the Benefits of Cupping


We wanted to highlight one of the tools we often use here at Legacy Physical Therapy, called cupping. Cupping is a type of manual therapy that was developed over hundreds of years ago. There is documentation of cupping being used in 1500 BCE.

While there are many versions of Cupping therapy, the kind we perform in the clinic involves the use of silicone cups that are placed onto areas such as the back or shoulders in order to improve the tissue mobility of that area. When the cups are placed on the skin it creates a suction that promotes better circulation within the muscles. 

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy include:

  • Helps to release muscle tension from previous injuries such as pulled or torn muscles 
  • Improve the mobility of scar tissue such as c-section scars 
  • Improve Fascial Mobility – fascia is the connective tissue that is present between layers of fat, muscles and organs 

Cupping is generally not painful, most people feel their skin being gently pulled as the cup is moved around. There is typically redness and a feeling of warmth as the cup is moved from the area. If you tend to have tissues that easily bruise, it may leave circular bruises that will fade within 1 week. Most people report feeling generally more relaxed after treatment. 

At Legacy Physical Therapy, we use cupping therapy in conjunction with other manual techniques to get you better faster! Cupping is safe and an effective tool to aid your recovery process. If you feel like you could benefit from cupping therapy, give us a call for a free discovery call to discuss how we can incorporate cupping into your treatments and get you feeling better faster!