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Why Men Need Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Too

Why Men Need PFPT

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is often thought of as a therapy reserved only for women that may be going through things like pregnancy or postpartum issues, but here at Legacy Physical Therapy, we do see our fair share of men as well! 

The pelvic floor is the bowl of muscles on the bottom of the pelvis. Both males and females have pelvic floor muscles. These muscles surround the urethra, bladder, prostate and anus and they span from the pubic bone in the front to the tailbone at the back. The muscles help control bowel, bladder and sexual function. 

The top reasons we see our male patients for pelvic floor therapy include:

      1. Post-prostate surgery: The prostate plays a huge role in bladder control, when it is surgically removed, men often have issues with bladder leakage and need re-training for their pelvic floor muscles. Research shows that men who perform pelvic floor exercises correctly regain continence months quicker than those who don’t. 
      2. Pelvic Pain: Male pelvic pain can present as pain in the testicles, penis, perineum, pubic pain or tailbone regions. A source of this pain can be the pelvic floor muscles being in a state of tension or nerves in the body that have become inflamed. 
      3. Constipation or bowel leakage: The pelvic floor muscles and your bowel habits can play a huge role in having good bowel frequency and strain-free bowel movements. 
      4. Bladder Leakage, Frequency or Urgency: The prostate and the pelvic floor muscles play a huge role in healthy bladder habits. If there is weakness or too much tension in the pelvic floor muscles this can lead to issues with good bladder emptying. 
      5. Hernia or Abdominal wall weakness: Hernias can cause abdominal pain, testicular or even penile pain. Addressing abdominal wall weakness and pelvic floor muscle status including weakness or excessive tightness can help manage these issues 

    If you find that you are experiencing any of these issues, we do offer a free discovery session to talk to one of our pelvic floor therapists that specializes in treating male patients to see how we can help you.