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Why partner with a PT when doing online programs


We know there are many options of online programs now for postpartum women. There are some amazing ones out there that can be really helpful when healing your body after a baby, we have one as well called Moms Made Stronger.

We wanted to provide some guidance today about why we strongly believe you should partner with a pelvic floor physical therapist even if you are doing an online program:

    1.  The downside of having so many programs out there, is that it can be difficult to identify which program addresses your concerns in the most optimal way. A pelvic physical therapist can speak with you about your individual goals to provide advice on which programs to consider. A pelvic physical therapist can perform a full assessment on your body.

      The full assessment can explain WHY you have the symptoms you are experiencing and give you information on how your body is healing post childbirth.

      Knowing how you are healing can help you find the program that is going to be the best fit for you.

    2. A pelvic physical therapist can ensure you are getting the most benefit out of the program.

      Let’s say you are doing the MuTu system and they’re having you do exercises for your abdominal wall. If you are not doing those exercises correctly, you could not be getting the most benefit out of that program, and gain faster results.

      A pelvic physical therapist can help you through the movements to be sure you are performing exercises with good quality movement and therefore get better results from the online program. 

    3. A pelvic physical therapist can make changes or modifications to any exercises or movements in the online programs.

      For example: you are doing a squat exercise and you are finding that it’s hurting your back. A pelvic physical therapist can evaluate why the squat is hurting and then determine what needs to change so you can squat with less pain or find a replacement exercise to still work the same muscles.

    4. Pelvic physical therapists can also fill any missing gaps in your program.

      A lot of the programs have a fitness component and an educational component, but sometimes they don’t provide every piece of information that you need.

      Maybe you are wondering about how to manage scar tissue, or how to lift a car seat better. Some programs will cover these topics, but some do not. Pelvic physical therapists can be the resource to answer all of your individual questions.

      A pelvic physical therapist can fine tune your programming and give you more individualized guidance as to how you get those remaining symptoms resolved or meet your goals fully.

      We understand that not everyone can work one on one with a pelvic physical therapist and that’s why online programs can be extremely helpful for women after childbirth. Our belief is that working with a pelvic physical therapist, even for a few sessions, can help you get the best result out of any online program. 

    We encourage any of you out there that are pregnant and postpartum and considering an online program to partner with the pelvic physical therapist. At Legacy Physical Therapy we are here to help in any way possible, don’t hesitate to reach out for a discovery session to talk to one of our physical therapists or check out our online fitness program “Moms Made strong”!